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Cosmetic Plastic Surgery Honolulu Hawaii Board certified plastic surgeon Marco Rizzo M.D. 35 years experience in Plastic Surgery in Honolulu Hawaii, Senior Plastic Surgeon offers variety of plastic surgery procedures includes Endoscopic breast augmentation surgery, breast enlargement surgery, breast implants surgery, Asian Rhinoplasty (Nose) surgery,Rhinoplasty reduction surgery,tummy tucks(Abdominoplasty ) surgery, Short scar face lifts surgery, forehead brow lifts surgery , eyelid surgery and also provides non-surgical cosmetic treatments including dermal fillers restylane, juvederm, prevelle silk and Botox, Dysport. And Skin Treatment for Sun damaged, and dark spots

Plastic Surgery Procedures - Breast Augmentation surgery | Breast Lift surgery| Otoplasty surgery | Face lift surgery | Brow lift surgery | Eyelid Surgery |
| Tummy Tuck surgery| Liposuction | Rhinoplasty surgery|

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Marco Rizzo, M.D.
Aesthetic Plastic Surgery
Queen's Physicians Office Building II
1329 Lusitana St. #401, Honolulu,Hawaii 96813
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